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SparX Beats-Otaku World 3(Cover) by shinykomodiver1994 SparX Beats-Otaku World 3(Cover) :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 0 0 Harley Quinn  by shinykomodiver1994 Harley Quinn :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 6 0 AVA by shinykomodiver1994 AVA :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 2 0 Clone Charizard by shinykomodiver1994 Clone Charizard :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 1 0 Born To Survive by shinykomodiver1994 Born To Survive :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 1 0 Torn Batman Uniform by shinykomodiver1994 Torn Batman Uniform :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 3 0 Sho'Zen concepts by shinykomodiver1994 Sho'Zen concepts :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 1 0 The Endless Laugh(Official Cover) by shinykomodiver1994 The Endless Laugh(Official Cover) :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 1 0 The Endless Laugh teaser  by shinykomodiver1994 The Endless Laugh teaser :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 1 0 Devils Rose ver. 2 by shinykomodiver1994 Devils Rose ver. 2 :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 2 0 Devils Rose ver.1 by shinykomodiver1994 Devils Rose ver.1 :iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 3 0
Zombie High 2-Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Misguided Intensions
(6 days have passed since Luther lost his family an has since been withdrawn from the group but has been slowly coming back to normal with the help of Alex the group finds and abandoned barn an rests while planning their next move)
Xavior: Ok everyone we've still got plenty of food so here are some canned foods for ya.
(everyone grabs a can and begins to eat)
Synthia: Hey Luther how you feeling?
Luther: Good...I guess.
Alex: (Rubs his shoulder) He'll be ok just give him time.
Sarah: Ok real talk we need to think of a strategy because we cant stay in this barn forever.
Michael: Well I say lets start with picking a new leader an I nominate myself for it.
Xavior: (frustrated by Michael's comment) What you say?!
Michael: X you clearly cant handle being leader anymore so I'm just saying.
Xavior: (angered) What the f***! If it weren't me your dumb ass would've been dead a long time ago!
(the 2 get into each others faces)
Synthia: Guys its not that serio
:iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 0 0
Zombie High 2-Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Lost in the Dead
(the group rushes back to check on Bernard and the others fearing the worst Luther prays his family is ok)
Luther: S*** there are bitters all over the place. Where are the others?!
Xavior: (quietly) It looks like their focused on the coffee shop that's probably where the others are.
Luther: I hope so.
Michael: Their ok Luther I promise you they are(pats Luther's shoulder)
Synthia: Ok we need a plan.
Alex: Ive got an idea 4 of us could an kill a few bitters the rest of us follow behind an kill as many as we can get into the shop and boom everyone is safe.
Sarah: I Like how that sounds X you, me, and many can go.
Manny: I'm game lets do it!
Xavior: Ok but be careful don't get separated an youll be fine you got it this time many?
Manny: Yea I'm good ive got your back.
Sarah: Ite lets get this done.
(Sarah, many, and xavior charge in killing the bitters an try to make their way to the shop)
Sarah: NOW!
(the others follow behind them fo
:iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 0 0
Zombie High 2-Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Settling the Score
(After there potential last raid for supplies xavior, Michael, and Emmanuel found themselves cornered by a group but come to find out that they meant no harm)
Luther: look kids uhh... sorry about before its been a rough couple months for us I didn't mean to resort to violence so quickly  the last group we came across they....(Luther rubs his face while fighting back tears)
Bernard: It's ok Luther we all know what its like to lose people I'm sure we all have felt your pain.
Xavior: In this world its sad to say that after all the wars and death that 1 thing we'd all have in common is losing someone but you wanna know what makes it all worth it?
Luther: What?
Michael: *points at the others*
Luther: I guess your right but enough sappy shit lets get to the point is your group close?
Emmanuel: An why do you ask?
Bernard: The short version is 1 of ours escaped her names Linda Barnes
Luther: An she is dangerous reason we're chasing her is cause she bro
:iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 0 0
Chaos:Legacy-Chapter 9
Chapter 9: A New Resolve
After tracking down her uncle Ian and informing him of Jason's intentions she and Ian were ambushed by Jason and the stranger the same as before now sierra must face her brother again. Shocked to see his nephew filled with such hate and anger he tells Jason that it's good to see him again but asks him what made him turn evil. With a smirk he tells him that he's creating a world where humans and defected can live in peace without fear of being killed just for being different Ian asks him does he think his father would want this seeing his son destroy everything he gave his life to protect an would he go so far as to even kill his mother and sister with only a smirk an a shake of his head Jason tells his uncle that the world was doomed from the start  stating that their father wanted peace but it didn't work it cost him his life an what kind of turn out did it make except for the fact that there are more D.E.D then there ever have been so de
:iconshinykomodiver1994:shinykomodiver1994 0 0
Chaos:Legacy-Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Ties
3 months have pasted since Sierra last saw Jason and rumors have spread that he's joined the D.E.D with the intension to move forward on their father's original plan after hearing this sierra asks her mother the whereabouts of her uncle. Her mother explains that since her father's death her uncle has secluded himself an has rarely been seen since her and Jason's birth but she gives her the information on his last known location dax offers to go with her but she refuses telling him that if anyone could help understand the current situation it would be him and tells him she'll be back later on. As she leaves Her mother tells dax not to be to frustrated with her for the simple fact that she knows what she's doing and forcing his involvement would only put a rift between them she also tells him even though his intentions are good he as her brother needs to let her take her own path. Frustrated Dax agrees with his mother and tells her he doesn't want anything to happe
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SparX Beats-Otaku World 3(Cover)
So for those of you who know SparX Beats and those who don't he's a anime music producer where he make anime Beat remixes and I had the pleasure of doing his recent release Otaku World 3 it was a for real honor to work someone like him
Thought it be nice to do something different so I did a Huey freeman headshot over top of my city of Alexandria
Clone Charizard
I like how this came out but I no I used the wrong kind of orange for its skin


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Born an raised in Virginia I didn't have what you'd call a easy childhood an after near death experience I had at 7 I decided to make more from my life so I decided to become an artist an age 7 I grew up with all the good shows cartoonetwrok had before it was complete crap like it is now. As I got older my work improved an I started branch out more an more now im 20 years old now an I love my work an I wanna share it with others.



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